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Load image into Gallery viewer, Triangle rug (non-woven fabric)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Triangle rug (non-woven fabric)

Triangle rug (non-woven fabric)

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A triangular cloth is a large triangular cloth used in first aid.

Size : 96 x 96 x 136 cm

This type of cloth has many different uses:

1. By folding it into a thicker rectangular bandage, it can be used to cover a large wound. In this case, it acts like a wound tampon that absorbs water and helps stop the bleeding.

2. While one triangle towel acts like a wound pad, the second triangle towel can be used to bind the first one and acts like a roll of tape or bandage to hold the wound pad in place.

3. If the victim has injured his arm, a triangular towel can be used to form a sling to hang the arm around his neck. Another triangular towel can be used folded into a long rectangle to immobilize the arm around the torso.

4. If the victim has injured his arm, place a blanket or pillow between the legs and use triangular towels to tie the legs together in two places. It should be tied so that the legs are firmly together, but not so tight that blood circulation is impeded.

5. If the victim has sprained a wrist or ankle, a triangular towel folded into a rectangle can be used as a support bandage to support the sprained joint.

6. In case of head injury, use a triangular towel, cover the head wound from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Avoid using bandages over the eyes, nose or mouth. Do not use knotted bandages in the neck area, as they can interfere with the blood supply to the neck.