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Hydrogel Burnshield 25 ml tube

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Burnshield Hydrogel 25 ml tube

Hydrogel absorbs and relieves heat, stops the burning process, provides immediate relief, reduces infections and is safe for use in children. The gel can be used on the face, is non-toxic and non-irritating.

Active ingredients
96% Water
1% tea tree oil
3% Gel active ingredient / emulsifiers, wetting agent, preservative

What is it used for?
1. For the initial treatment of sunburns (first 24h)
2. In case of superficial and partial depth burns
3. To disinfect scratches and superficial wounds.
4. To re-wet burn bandages
5. First aid for burns in hard-to-reach places

– Sterile
– Absorbs and dissipates heat: minimizes burn damage.
– Cools: relieves pain and reduces shock
– Transparent: It is possible to assess the wound
– Does not stick to the wound
– Naturally antibacterial: reduces wound contamination
– Safe: non-toxic
– Not irritating
– Suitable for use in children
– Compact and light weight
– Ideal for home or travel

How to use
1. Remove your clothes.
2. Expose the wound/burn.
3. Remove distracting jewelry/items.
4. Do not pull clothes off with force.
5. In case of chemical burns, rinse for at least 20 minutes.
6. Use Burnshield hydrogel or burn dressings.
7. Spray a thin layer of hydrogel on the skin and repeat the process when it dries. If you use burn dressings, use Burnshield Hydrogel to re-moisten them. A Soft dressing is ideal for covering a burn wound, through which it is possible to re-moisturize the burn wound and the burn dressing and which does not stick to the skin.

You are not allowed!
- To break the will.
-Remove stuck clothing.
-Soften with fat or oil.
- Rub the wound.

Shelf life: 5 years