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Ambu resuscitation mask

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Pocket Mask - the resuscitation mask Ambu ResCue Mask allows you to perform artificial respiration on the mouth-mask. In addition, bring this barrier between the rescuer and the victim, avoiding direct contact between the lips and the unknown person. Appropriate training in artificial respiration and resuscitation must be completed before the device. Practice on the ResCue Mask dummy so you're ready for any emergency. After removing the valve, the Ambu ResCue Mask can be attached to the breathing apparatus if necessary. Attention! 1. The Ambu ResCue Mask is intended for use by a trained user only.

2. ventilation is required, so that before artificial ventilation, the valve is properly started in the mask. If the valve is not attached properly, there may be no airflow. If a one-way valve has been replaced onto the mask, the replacement valve should only be partially inserted into the mask and fully pushed into the mask before starting ventilation to ensure a proper fit.

– The transparent design allows the caregiver to monitor the patient's condition during resuscitation.
– The mask has a fastening mm so that the mask stands firmly on the patient's face. If there is no rubber, you have to reset the mask with each breathing cycle - losing valuable time.
– The mask is reusable and easy to clean. The mask has a filter with a one-way valve that must be changed after each resuscitation.

Dimensions: Box (138 x 113 x 50 mm)
Weight: Carton (117 g);
Material: Mask (polyvinyl chloride); Carton (PP)

The mask is intended for use by a trained user only!